About Me

Name’s Brandon.

I was once told that I was 16 going on 40, so I guess it makes sense that I identify as being grumpy.  Seriously though, have you ever met a peachy network engineer?

I’m really not as big of a dick as I make out to be (I promise/hope), however I find the format entertaining and somewhat of a release.

I like to build stuff, whether that means a network, a server, or a deck.  Of course, I’m grumpy, so that means I’ll probably have something to say about it along the way.

I live in the outlying Greater Seattle area with my Wife, our three dogs, three cats, 8 chickens and ~10,000 or so bees.

Any similarities characters have to persons real or fictitious are entirely coincidental.


Disclaimer Time!!

All of the thoughts and opinions presented on this site are mine and mine alone.

As such they do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, co-workers, wife, parents or Ralph Nader.